Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to Sign Up?

In order to contribute to discussions and create posts within a community you must have an ouraddress account.

However, if you just want to look around, sign up is not necessary. You can also subscribe to Newsletter Updates for the specific community. This is ideal for those who want to stay informed, but are not ready to join yet.

What is needed for sign up?

All you need to sign up is a valid email address, a new password (we do not recommend re-using passwords for multiple sites) and a unique username.

What is a username and why do I need one?

Your username is all that will be publicly displayed. We will never reveal you email address. This means if you wish to remain anonymous you can use an alias as a username.

We require a username so that you have a unique identity within the site, this avoids confusion over who posts content.

You can change your username at any time through the ‘Account Settings’ link within the drop down menu at the top right of every screen next to your username. Please note that all previous posts will be updated with your new username.

How do I change my personal account settings?

To change any of your personal account settings, simple click on the ‘Account Settings’ link within there drop down menu at the top right of every screen next to your username.

Within this section are 4 subsections:

User Settings
Here you can update your photo, email address, username and password.

Here you can add personal information such as; your name, a personal bio, your preferred language and your timezone. None of this information is mandatory.

If your community is upgraded to a private community and you request verification from the manger, your name will be automatically entered into the request so that you can be identified as a legitimate community member.

Your Personal Bio will be publicly visible when a user either clicks on your username (taking them to your user profile page) or hovers over your photo or username wherever it appears within your community.

Here you can select what type of notifications you receive from ouraddress. Please note that these settings affect all communities that you are a member of.

Social Sharing
This enables you to connect your ouraddress account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts for quick sharing. When you create a new post you will have the option to also create a Facebook or Twitter post with a link to your content on ouraddress.

How do I create a new community?

Signed In Users
If you are already a member of ouraddress and are currently signed in, you can quickly add a new community by selecting ‘Find Property’ from the drop down menu at the top right of every screen next to your username.

On the resulting page simple do a search to see if the community already exists, if it does not then click the ‘Add your property to ouraddress’ button.

Non-signed In Users
If you have not yet signed up for ouraddress, you can search to see if your property already has an ouraddress community by clicking on ‘Get Started’ from the landing page. If it’s not listed on the results page, click on the ‘Sign up to add your property’ button. Once you have signed up you will be taken to the community creation page.

Community Creation Guide
The simple 3 step process will guide you through creating your community.

Step 1 - Property Details:

Property Name: Enter the name that the property is best known as, not the full address, this will be added later.

Property Type: Select the type of property from the drop down menu.

Step 2 - Property Location:

Enter the address of the property into the top field and click on ‘Locate on map’. The map below will now update with the approximate location.

If the location of the pin on the map is not correct, simply click on the pin and drag it to the correct location. Or if you scroll the map to the correct location without dragging the pin, you can simply click the “Drop Pin” button.

Alternatively, if you are currently in the property, you can click on ‘Locate Me’, once you allow your browser to access your location, the map pin should be placed at your current location. If this is not accurate, you can click and drag the pin to the correct location.

Step 3 - Property Summary:

Check the details on the summary page, then click ‘Create Community’ once you are satisfied that all the details are correct.

If the display address is not correct, this can be adjusted later once the community is created.

What do I need to create a community?

For the initial setup of a community, all you need is the name and address.

However, to be able to customize your community, you will need some photos, some information on the facilities, and a description.

How do I update my community’s photos?

If you are the creator of a community, or a Hero, you can update the community photos.

Click on the ‘Edit Property Photos’ link within the ‘Actions’ drop down menu on each community page below the main image. On the resulting page click on the ‘Upload New Photos’ button and select the images from your computer’s hard drive that you want to add.

If you are using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari you can drag the images on to your browser window and they will auto-upload.

Thumbnail Image
The first image you upload to your community will automatically become the thumbnail image. This is the small square image next to your community name, and the one that shows up when users search for your community. If you have uploaded multiple images you can make another image the the thumbnail by clicking on the ‘Make Thumbnail’ link next to the image you want to use on the ‘Edit Property Photos’ page.

Overview Image
The first image you upload to your community will automatically become the overview image. This is the large image under your community name. If you have uploaded multiple images you can make another image the the overview by clicking on the ‘Make Overview’ link next to the image you want to use on the ‘Edit Property Photos’ page.

Repositioning the Overview Image
You can change the cropping of the overview image to show the best part of the photo. Simply move your cursor over the image and a two links will appear in the top right of the image: ‘Change Photo’ and ‘Reposition Photo’. Select ‘Reposition Photo’ and once it has loaded you can drag the image until you are happy with the composition. Click ‘Save Photo’ to complete the update, or ‘Cancel’ to stop the process.

How do I update my community’s basic information?

If you are the creator of a community, or a Hero, you can update the community details and facilities.

Click on the ‘Edit Property Details’ or ‘Edit Facilities’ links within the ‘Actions’ drop down menu on each community page below the main image.

NOTE - In order for any changes to take effect, you must click on ‘Update Community’ at the bottom of the page.

Edit Property Details:

Property Name: Edit or update the property name here. This should be the name the property is most commonly known by. It should be something that people searching for the property would know to look for.

Property Type: Select the option from the drop down menu that best describes the type of property.

Description: This should be a few short sentences that describe the property, it’s location and any details that make it unique. This is not a mandatory field.

Date First Occupied: This should be the date that the first residents moved into the building after construction. This is not a mandatory field.

Number of Units: This should be the total number of units within the property. This is not a mandatory field.

Location: Here you can update the property location on the map as well as the postal address.

Sharing: Here you can link your ouraddress community to a Facebook or Twitter account if your property has one. This should not be linked to a personal account as all community updates will be posted to the linked accounts, not just posts by you. You must be the administrator of the Facebook or Twitter account to be able to link them. This is a restriction set by these companies. This is not a mandatory field.

Edit Facility Details

Click on the ’Edit Facilities’ link within the ‘Actions’ drop down menu on each community page below the main image.

To add a facility to your community simply click on the ‘Display on overview page’ button next to each facility type. You can then enter a brief description of the facility and include details such as opening times and contact phone number where applicable.

N.B - In order for any changes to take effect, you must click on ‘Update Community’ at the bottom of the page.

What is a Hero?

A community Hero is either the person who created the community, was one of the first five members to join a community, or is one of the top five contributors to a community.

How to Become a Hero
Points are awarded for various activities within a community. The top five members with the most points are the Heroes. The more activity you have within the site, the more points you are awarded, you subsequently move up the table until you become a Hero. If somebody generates more points than you, you can slip down the table and lose Hero status, so it’s important to stay active.

Points are awarded for the following activities:

Inviting new members
Inviting the property manager
Posting content - Discussions, Notices & Events, Documents, Requests, Polls, Classifieds, and Service Contacts.
Posting Comments
Thumbs Up - to your posts or comments

Points are deducted for Thumbs Down on your posts or comments. This is a way of a community self moderating content. The person who gives the Thumbs Down also loses points however, as a way of discouraging arbitrarily voting down comments that a users doesn’t agree with. A Thumbs Down should only really be given when information provided is untrue or a comment is inflammatory or offensive.

What is a Private Community?

A Private community is currently a free upgrade feature of ouraddress. Once a community is upgraded all new content will be marked as private by default. This means only Verified Members can see the full post. Non-Verified Members can see the post topic (headline) only, when they click on the post they are prompted to request Verification.

A Private community is indicated by a closed padlock icon next to the community name.

How do I make my community Private?

Click on the ‘Add Privacy’ button next to the Community name at the top of the page.

On the resulting page, simply fill in the requested information and one of our sales representatives will contact you about payment.

What is Verification?

A Verified member is somebody who has been confirmed as living within the property by the Manager or Acting Manager.

Once your community has been upgraded to a Private community the property Manager, or Acting Manager can receive requests from members to be Verified.

How do I become a Verified Member?

You only need to become a Verified Member if your community has been upgraded to a Private community.

If your community is Private, you will see a “Verification Required” box at the top of your community Home screen. Click on the ‘Request Verification Now’ link, then fill out the required information on the following page. You can also select ‘Request Verification’ from the ‘Actions’ drop down menu.

Once you click ‘Submit Request’ the Manger or Acting Manager will receive an email. If they approve your request you will become Verified immediately.

What is a Manager or Acting Manager?

This is typically either the board-appointed Property Manager for the building or somebody who is Acting as the Manager on behalf of the board or community. All Private communities must have somebody in this role to enable Member Verification.

How do I invite New Members?

There are two types of invitation: invitations to your community, and invitations to ouraddress. Both can be accessed through the ‘Actions’ drop down menu within a community. Select ‘Invite Member’ and then select one of the two invitation options on the following page.

1 - Invite neighbours to this community
You can add multiple email addresses in the Email field separated by commas. Any invalid addresses will not be sent.

You can add a personal message to your email, explaining why you think ouraddress can help your community, or simply use the default message.

2 - Invite friends to ouraddress
You can import your contact list from one of the listed sites or input addresses manually. If you import contacts and there are some listed that you do not wish to send an invitation to, click on the X next to the name and they will be removed from the list.

How do I print a poster or leaflet for my community?

Within the community that you want to promote, select ‘Print Poster’ from the ‘Actions’ drop down menu under the main community image.

On the resulting page you can select between a poster or a leaflet and what size paper you want to print.

Once you select the format your browser will open a new window or tab which will display the poster or leaflet. You can then either save the PDF file or print it directly from your browser.

What is the difference between Local Insider and Discussions?

Local Insider is a public feed that is visible to all communities within a user defined area. The purpose of Local Insider is to share news and information about the local area with neighboring communities.

Discussions are only visible within a community, and therefore community-specific. They are visible to the public unless your community has been upgraded to a Private Community. Only members of a community can comment on Discussions.

How do I search for something in a community?

There is a search box at the top of every page in the community banner. You can search for keywords within the title or body of any post and also usernames within that community. The results are broken down into sub-section showing where the content is located. Clicking on a result will take you directly to the post.

How do I leave or un-join a community?

Select ‘Unjoin this community’ from the ‘Actions’ drop down menu within the community you wish to leave. All the content that you created will still be visible to other members. You can re-join at any time although you might not be able to get the same Username if somebody else has taken it. If you were a Verified Member, you will need to Request Verification again.

Private Messages

ouraddress has a basic Private Message feature which is designed to allow occasional closed conversations between users. To send a Private Message to another user you need to locate a post by them within a community. Hover your mouse over their name or photo, a pop-up bio will appear, then click on “Send Message”.

If somebody has sent you a Private Message you will notice a number next to the Envelope icon at the top right of the screen in the orange bar. Click on the icon and you will be taken to the Private Messages screen where you can read and reply to all your messages.

I have a question not answered here, who do I contact?

In the bottom right conner of every screen is a black square with a question mark [?]. Clicking on this launches a message window where you can send our support team a questions. We try to respond to all requests within one business day.