The ouraddress Features:

View a sample community to see how it works

View a sample community to see how it works


  • Home See all the latest activity in your community
  • Discussions Share your thoughts and get involved
  • Local Insider Share news with nearby communities
  • Local Businesses Find, share and rate local businesses, restaurants & bars
  • Classifieds Free ads to buy, sell or rent within your community
  • Polls & Surveys Post important questions and get democratic answers
  • Service Contacts A community address book of utilities, suppliers etc.
  • Notices & Events Instant communications from Management and Heroes
  • Requests Report problems and make suggestions
  • Documents Online access to policies, forms and reports

Getting an ouraddress community website up and running

ouraddress is designed to make it simple for anyone to set up a community website, add information and get the residents involved.

Who can do it?

Any resident or manager can set up a website. Once it is set up, one or more people can take responsibility for populating and promoting it. We recommend that the manager is involved as they will have access to the information needed.

Residents who take responsibility for setting up and managing their website are known as Heroes. The manager and current Heroes can appoint other Heroes.

To set up a website you will need to sign up to ouraddress with an email address, a username and a password.

Setting up your community

The initial set up simply involves providing the name and address of the page, selecting a category, and locating it on a map.

Adding basic information

You will need to add some information so that the residents will find the website useful and get involved. We suggest you add:

  • An overview describing the page and its facilities
  • Some photos of the page
  • Some recent notices e.g. next owners meeting, maintenance plans for the pool, etc.
  • A discussion about something which will interest residents
  • Documents e.g. House Rules, AGM Minutes, etc.
  • Contact details for the office and utilities

This information does not have to be uploaded at one time.

Telling the other residents

Once the site is set up with some basic information, ouraddress will help you to get the residents involved by

  • Sending invitations to email addresses you provide
  • Printing posters to display in public areas
  • Printing Leaflets to mail or distribute to owners/residents. Mailboxes might be unlawful in some places.